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A Science Fiction Affaire

A Science Fiction AffaireWe are currently working to bring A Science Fiction Affaire to the Web. Long in the making, A Science Fiction Affaire is the online venue for a science fiction writer writing under a pen name. The ASFA project will include an e-commerce website by DianeV. Web Design Studio, and a series of e-books. » A Science Fiction Affaire April 2005 saw the launch of our new website, which is our place to collect and share things design- and style-related, and to publish in-depth analyses and/or just plain gush about anything that's gorgeous, well designed, well executed and/or admirable in its effectiveness. Pertinent events. Great restaurants and food. Art. Gadgets. Beauty. Interviews. Stunning stores. Little neighborhood shops where they treat you nicely just because that's how they do it there.